Direct Donation and Gift Giving: YFMG Brings Joy to Orphans at Sonaf Maneka Orphanage

Blessed with gifts and entertained by vibrant cultural performances, the orphans at Sonaf Maneka Orphanage expressed their joy and gratitude for the assistance provided by the Felix Maria Go Foundation (YFMG). Under the care of Maria Manu Bulu, a total of 127 children experienced a unique sense of happiness during the event. Witnessing two traditional dances, the Kieng Diego (Tenun […]

Hydroponic Farming Introduction Initiative in East Nusa Tenggara for Sustainable Agriculture

The Felix Maria Go Foundation (YFMG) is set to introduce hydroponic farming methods in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), aiming to provide the local community with a more diverse and healthier range of fruits and vegetables. Hydroponics, a soilless cultivation technique utilizing water, is acknowledged for its efficient land use, higher production quantity and quality, and reduced fertilizer and water consumption. […]

Empowering NTT Through Journalism for Millennials

GMT Institute Jakarta, under the mission “Go Do It For NTT,” and Felix Maria Go Foundation (YFMG), organized a journalistic training at Stipar Ende Campus for millennials. The event, on October 27, 2023, included students from Stipar Ende and Flores University, along with young participants from the Toraja community in Ende Regency. The training aimed to equip students with essential […]

Empowering Change: Gender Equality and Human Rights Awareness Campaign in NTT School

Amnaut Bife Kuan Foundation (Yabiku), Felix Maria Go Foundation (YFMG), and Melki and Beatrix (MnB) Foundation recently organized a gender equality and human rights awareness campaign at State Senior High School 1 Kefamenanu, NTT. Representatives from YFMG, founders Melinda Theresia Goh and Beatrix Yunarti Manehat, joined Yabiku’s Director Filiana Tahu to provide fundamental knowledge about gender and legal aspects. Yabiku […]

Training and Development of Small Business Gemstone Craftsmen in Kupang district

Cooperate with the Government of Kupang regency and GMT Institute, providing support for the gemstone craftsmen in Kupang regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This program includes three craftsmen sent from Sukabumi, West Java, to Kupang regency, for 3 months, to teach local craftsmen in making crafts gemstone and its business, provide the required equipment, workplaces and places of business.