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I would like to thank God and praise Him for all His graces which is uniting us in His Spirit.The same and one spirit who makes us joy and leads us for sharing each other what we have. Our Lord and God shares his spirit of life .to each of us and the same life must be a talent for us which is to be multiplied in the same way God did for us by fraternally sharing our owned one to another. The first community in the Bible is presenting to us how they live their life, the common life of sharing and prayers in sake of wellness and prosperity. “Now all the belivers lived together and shared all their belongings. They would sell their property and all they had and distribute the proceeds to others according to their need”. Acts, 2:44-46.

To share in this spirit has a meaningful matter that is a multiplying grant of God, developing any gift or talent and making real love experience of God. Where love is, there is God present.

People experiences the love of God that is overwhelming the whole world, wander far over Timor regions as well and giving a meaningful color to every one in the whole Timor such as well to this late couple Felix and Mary Go where they lived.

Felix and Mary Go Foundation (YFMG) is a conciseness and a conclution of many shared experiences of Love of late parents Felix and Mary Go with people around when they still alived. Their spiritual life refered to the patron’s life of the first believers and now their soul keep flowing though the blood of their sons and daughters. I come to realize clearly that the same and one spirit of the same root inspires descendants, children and childrens children of late parents Felix and Mary Go to set a well beginning to step on a real option to the poor’s welfare as their late parents did. They try to extend this effort widely to whole TTU distric and even more to all Timor. Based on this spirit, The Felix Maria Go foundation be born accordingly through legal power or law jurisdiction on number 150 and to be promulgated in Kefa/Jakarta 22 March 2012.

It is to be clear that the vision of this foundation is to make alive the spirit of late parents Felix and Maria Go and in the same time immortalizes such name of the late parents as soul and heart of this foundation. Following this foundation will be a core that is infusing all children to keep alive the spirit of late parents and making the spirit meaningful for others especially for the needy one. It is beautiful and a huge thought which is being concretized simply. It means the least one and the poor can experience, feel and bliss it on.

There is another spiritual aspect of the late parentsFelix and Mary Go that is simplicity of the life style. Their joy is like pearl inside its snail. A wealthy property is in plain condition. A great wish is being concreted through their hard work. Therefore whatever they did will bring forward such kind heart which is opted to others. We may also come to realize that the measurement for sharing does not depend on wealthy matter or abundance matter but core and heart for loving. Fore if I have everything wealthy yet do not have love, I may be found meaningless in life and vain.

Deepening the spirit of the late parents Felix and Maria Go will bring everyone to the universal experience of faith. For our Lord and God have loved us so do we have to love in the sake of a real happiness and joy. The great wish of the late parents Felix and Maria Go have influenced their children to take effort in developing Timores people and others and lead them to the prosperous end. Timor is now on become a covenant land under flag of the Felix and Mary Go Foundation.The descendant of late Felix and Mariy are commiting themselves to share what they have in the real condition.They are commiting themselves to deliberate this generation of Timores people from being colonized by poverty and dumb. They are commiting themselves to walk together toward land of hope that is full of joy (milk and honey).

Social and cultural background of Timor will be a real road on desert of this foundation.The Felix and Mary Go foundation will be involving in education field, wellfare area and social charity. Based on these fields, command steak of this foundation will chant and lead covenant people (read Timores people) toward freedom and a better future. We may say that this foundation is ging to cooperate in developing the whole Timor and especially TTU distric.

Standing on their own feet the owner of this foundation try to bring to the real the foundation’s wishes in leading Children of Timor in this generation toward better future and of course without profit.

On behalf of the FMG foundation management, I would like to thank every one who has taken part to set this foundation and brought it to the present now. Thanking to those who is contributing for the stand of this foundation and keep it alive. May our extending hands for helping people in sharing our belongings will not destroy us into betrayal attitude to the great wish of our late parents Felix and Maria Go, otherwise whatever we do, we keep doing it in sake of sharing for the glorious of God. We pray that this simple activity of the FMG foundation keeps alive the spirit of our late parents in their vision for the wellness of others.


God speeds.

Ir. Fransiscus Go, SH

Yayasan Felix Maria Go – YFMG (Felix Maria Go Foundation) is a foundation dedicated to improve life of the needy specifically in Timor Island. Established in 2011 by the sons and daughters of late Mr. Felix Go and Mrs. Maria Goreti Salassa Go.

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