One day, it was in the month of the Rosary, in mid 1970s at the Bitauni Cave, Kiupukan, Belu District, Timor. There was a mother walked and prayed fervently among the pilgrims who came to the cave that day. She carried a small white candle, a rosary, and a rose. Together with the all pilgrims, she sang and prayed while she was climbing the stone stairs to reach the cave on the top of the rock. After reached the cave and pushed her way through the crowded, she put the rose flower at the foot of the statue of the Virgin Mary, then threw herself on her knees in front of the statue and prayed fervently with tears of happiness and gratitude. She is Maria Goreti Salassa Go, Felix Go’s wife. She came to the cave several months before with one and only major request and she promised to come back again with a rose to the Virgin Mary. The miracle was happened to her life and brought back her to the Bitauni Cave at that day with a rose. Her intention hasbeen fulfilled and blessed. Since that time, her devotions to Jesus and Mary got stronger. We used a rose for this foundation’s logo to memorize our mother Maria Go’s devotion’s to Jesus and Mary. Rose is a symbol of unconditional love and compassion.