Yayasan Felix Maria Go – YFMG (Felix & Maria Go Foundation) is a foundation dedicated to improve life of the needy in Indonesia especially in Timor Island. Established in 2011 by the sons and daughters of late Mr. Felix Go and Mrs. Maria Goreti Salassa Go, 10 (ten) years after Mr. and Mrs. Go passed away, aimed to continue their spirit, dedication, and compassion. YFMG was established and based in Kefamenanu, Timor Tengah Utara District, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, Indonesia. With compassion, YFMG focuses on the needy, the poor, mother and children health and education, etc., through various approaches such as direct donation, microfinance, scholarship, small-medium enterprise, health program, etc., included empowerment of local culture and traditions.

Late Mr. and Mrs. Go during their life, not only taught about compassion but about dedication, loyal and integrity as well. Their teaching to their sons and daughters will be the principles of this foundation. YFMG’s role is to raise fund for targeted development programs on Timor Island and provide easy access for any donors both government and privates, both institutions and individuals, to respond to, as well as a trustworthy and transparent system to work with.

YMFG is managed by professional staff with relevant experiences and expertise to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency in program implementation with closely monitoring by the member of founders. YFMG’s founders, 15 (fifteen) of the late Mr. and Mrs. Go’s sons and daughters spread around the globe with various backgrounds. Some of them are business owners and the others are professionals.