Empowering Change: Gender Equality and Human Rights Awareness Campaign in NTT School

Amnaut Bife Kuan Foundation (Yabiku), Felix Maria Go Foundation (YFMG), and Melki and Beatrix (MnB) Foundation recently organized a gender equality and human rights awareness campaign at State Senior High School 1 Kefamenanu, NTT. Representatives from YFMG, founders Melinda Theresia Goh and Beatrix Yunarti Manehat, joined Yabiku’s Director Filiana Tahu to provide fundamental knowledge about gender and legal aspects. Yabiku discussed support services, including mitigation measures, for women vulnerable to violence in NTT Province, particularly sexual violence victims. The campaign aims to change students’ perspectives on gender equality’s significance and highlight women’s crucial role in development.

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Yayasan Felix Maria Go – YFMG (Felix Maria Go Foundation) is a foundation dedicated to improve life of the needy specifically in Timor Island. Established in 2011 by the sons and daughters of late Mr. Felix Go and Mrs. Maria Goreti Salassa Go.

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