Hydroponic Farming Introduction Initiative in East Nusa Tenggara for Sustainable Agriculture

The Felix Maria Go Foundation (YFMG) is set to introduce hydroponic farming methods in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), aiming to provide the local community with a more diverse and healthier range of fruits and vegetables. Hydroponics, a soilless cultivation technique utilizing water, is acknowledged for its efficient land use, higher production quantity and quality, and reduced fertilizer and water consumption. Emphasizing the relevance of this innovation to NTT’s conditions, characterized by dry land and limited water resources, the initiative involves a partnership between Nara Kupu Village (NKV) Depok’s agriculture team and aims to create pilot models in various locations. The program, in response to recent natural disasters in NTT, engages the youth and religious figures to facilitate the learning and implementation processes.

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Yayasan Felix Maria Go – YFMG (Felix Maria Go Foundation) is a foundation dedicated to improve life of the needy specifically in Timor Island. Established in 2011 by the sons and daughters of late Mr. Felix Go and Mrs. Maria Goreti Salassa Go.

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